Consulting Services for Capital Investment Projects

New built plants and modernizations

We support our clients globally from green field projects to modernizations and upgrades

Finding of Investment Opportunities

Fresh ideas are the bases for a successful new project. We provide our clients with unique new approaches and concepts based on sustainable technology

Project Development and Implementation

We help our clients selecting of best implementation model based on project specifics, risks and financing needs (EPC, EPCm, EPS)

Feasibility Studies

We offer pre-feasibility studies as well as carefully audited feasibility studies (third opinion)

Technological Assessment and Equipment

Based on our long term experience we support our customers in selecting the right process and equipment

Investment Cost and Budget

Low Capex is the key to every business decision. With our global knowledge of sourcing and current market prices we support our clients in achieving their budget targets.

Project Organization and Management

Project success depends to a large extend on the right organization and people involved. We support our clients in correct project set up as well as in the right resource selection and can guarantee your project success when leading the advisory / steering committee

Claim Management

Claim Management plays an important role in complex projects. We provide clear advise on how to set up claim management from the beginning in order to optimize your project success

Management Consulting Services

Company Strategy Development

A clear vision and strategy is key for global success. Based on our long term international top management experience  we support our clients with the selection and implementation of an effective strategy in order to achieve top and bottom line growth.

Improvement of Profitability

With strong advices and recommendations on how to cut product and operation costs as well as company restructuring we are able to accomplish a more profitable business for our clients.

Merger & Acquisition Services

Finding the right partner for growing your business is the most difficult task and involves many risks. We support our clients in the M&A process – from the right target selection to due diligence and post acquisition integration

Company Organization and Management

In a harsh and fast changing business environment, only companies with lean organizations and clear processes are able to generate profit. We provide comprehensive advice on how to improve your organization.

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