Pulp is one of the most fascinating high tech materials and is used on a daily basis by billions of people worldwide. High quality pulp is produced from the most renewable raw material wood, which is growing in sustainable operated forests around the globe.

On a global scale the demand for pulp products follows a clear long term growth trend and reports a constant annual increase by 1,5%.


Pulp Market Developments

Chemical Pulp in Mio. tons

Investments in Pulp Business Value Chain is very capital intensive. The main cost drivers besides investment in forest and infrastructure are equipment and construction/erection works. With our deep understanding of the best available technology we are able to benchmark performance and costs of your capital investment project as well as your machinery and equipment business.

Cost Split of a Capital Investment Project

  • W
  • F
  • D
  • E
  • R
  • P
  • W
  • T
  • Wa
  • B

Our Services

We support our clients based on our long term experience in the entire field of Pulp and Papermaking starting at the Woodyard of a pulp mill and ends at the Reel of a Papermachine.

We provide high quality solutions for Capital Investment Projects as well as problem-orientated Management Consulting Services to every company active in the process of pulp and papermaking.