We have a deep understanding of papermaking and the underlying megatrends such as urbanization and westernization as well as considerable changes in customers buying behavior towards online shopping, which has a strong impact on the packaging industry. These trends cause a shift in the relevance and usage of paper products and offers new and promising possibilities for the paper industry.

In the long run tissue and containerboard will be the winners of these developments, while newsprint and graphical paper will lose their traditional dominant position in the market.


Consumption in Mio. tons

  • Containerboard
  • Tissue

Paper Market Development

The constant change in the paper industry has a clear impact on your company and those who adopt fast will be the winner of this survival of this fittest enivroment. Making the right decision regarding your company’s production fleet or equipment and machinery is the key to a successful future. We can support you in this important decision-making process and also guide you when entering new business fields.

Paper mill Machine

Our Services

We support our clients based on our long term experience in the entire field of Pulp and Papermaking starting at the Woodyard of a pulp mill and ends at the Reel of a Papermachine.

We provide high quality solutions for Capital Investment Projects as well as problem-orientated Management Consulting Services to every company active in the process of pulp and papermaking.